About Us

We provide crisis humanitarian relief and plant the seeds of sustainable development for the people of Syria.

Our Programs

We tackle areas of need for Syrians and Syrian refugees, conducting needs-assessments and partnering with local communities to deliver comprehensive care.






Food Security



Our Advocacy

Syria's future depends on advocating for its people. It's an integral part of our care.
Here are a few of the things we advocate for (or click here to learn more):

Medical services for
vulnerable Syrians

Improved humanitarian access

Support for Syria's neighbors

Addressing Syria's
education vacuum

Latest News

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At Democracy Panel on Syria, Co-Founder Jomana Qaddour Discusses Education, Civil Society

On Friday, May 20, SRD Co-Founder Jomana Qaddour attended a panel event on Capitol Hill hosted by the Syrian American Council, the Democracy Council and the Global Peace and Development Charitable Fund. The event, Way Forward in Syria: Implications for Policymakers, offered an opportunity for congressional staff to hear from members of Syrian diaspora organizations. […]

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Meeting the Real Needs of Syrian Civilians: A Message to the Humanitarian Task Force

It has been 60 days since the U.S. and Russia signed the Munich agreement, calling for increased attention to address the dire humanitarian conditions inside Syria. In this time the Humanitarian Task Force (HTF)—established by the 23-member International Syria Support Group (ISSG)—has helped push for UN convoys to enter 31 communities designated by the UN […]

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More than 50 Organizations Ask U.S. Treasury, State for Help with Access to Banking Services

On February 25, 2016, 58 nonprofit organizations (NPOs), including umbrella groups with more than 300 member organizations, sent a letter to the U.S. Departments of Treasury and State asking them to convene a multi-stakeholder dialogue as part of a broader effort to ensure that registered, law-abiding NPOs are able to access the global financial system. […]

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