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Update 12/15/16:

We’re now also providing medical aid and shelter to Syrians fleeing Aleppo. And because of the large number of families evacuating the city now, we’ve increased the campaign goal to $100K. Here’s an update from our field staff on what else is available for those fleeing the conflict:

  • 12 ambulance cars ready to transport the wounded and disabled to health facilities
  • 1 mobile clinic to provide medical aid at the evacuation point
  • 3 fixed primary health care centers in the western countryside of Aleppo providing reproductive and primary health care services
  • Two Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) mobile clinics to provide psychosocial support services (PSS)
  • A maternity and pediatric hospital with surgical capacity, deliveries, c-sections, outpatient care, inpatient care, incubators and a hemodialysis department
  • Arrangements for collective shelters
  • Food, non-food items (diapers, sanitary napkins, solar lamps, hygiene parcels, mattresses, blankets, kitchen items and more) and heating supplies

Thank you for your continued support. We simply cannot do this without you.



In the past weeks, at least 30,000 Syrians in Aleppo have fled escalating violence that has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths in the city since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that as many as 200,000 people still remain in Aleppo conflict zones and many are fleeing everyday for safety. Humanitarian conditions in the area are dire and access to food and water is scarce.

To address the needs of the influx of Syrians fleeing Aleppo for safety, SRD staff will provide food, non-food items (NFIs) and heating supplies to the large number of internally-displaced persons (IDPs) in the region. But we need your help.

Click here to make a donation to SRD’s Aleppo Crisis fund.