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Because education builds peace. #NotWaiting

Syrian studentThe future of Syria is in the hands of its young adults who are eager to return to school and continue their higher education, filling Syria with a new generation of experts and professionals to help Syria thrive.

Higher education is extremely important right now.

During periods of conflict, education provides youth with opportunities for self-improvement and provides an alternative to joining violent movements. And access to higher education is essential in recovering from war, encouraging economic development and nourishing the healing process.

Syrian educational institutes have deteriorated in recent years, leading to a widespread of loss of technical and professional expertise. With so many Syrian youth receiving inadequate or no higher education, there is a fear of creating a “lost generation” of under-educated youth, potentially crippling Syria’s development for generations.

Syrian university students are not waiting to continue their education and create a better future for Syria. Education cannot wait, so we’re #notwaiting.

Make a donation to our Education fund and support higher education for Syrian youth.

How We Help

booksWe’re supporting University students in Northern Syria. The education the students receive will transform lives and serve Syrian society. Many of the students are studying for bachelor’s and advanced degrees in Pharmacy, Sciences, Agriculture, Mechanical Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Business, Literature, Education, Law and Religion, and Associate Degrees in Health, Business and Computers.

The academic cost of attendance is:

  • $150 per student for 1 academic year
  • $1000 per student for a 4-year degree (includes graduation expenses and fees)

Even a contribution amount of $5 or $10 can go toward covering student expenses such as textbooks and course materials, tuition and academic fees and more.

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