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Children are the most vulnerable group of Syrians affected by the conflict. At tender ages when they should be learning and growing, Syrian children are instead forced to cope with war, injury, displacement, loss of loved ones, inaccess to food and education and much more.

How We Help


Psychosocial Support Centers

“Disaster or war can really influence children and cause devastating effects on their personalities.” –Dr. Faheem Arain, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Tasnim, pictured left, is a young girl who was injured by a bomb fragment during an air strike that targeted her neighborhood in Daraa. She was treated at SRD’s regional hospital to have the fragment removed and has since visited SRD’s local Pediatric Primary Health and Psychosocial Support Center for follow-up care.

Recognizing the devastating effects of the crisis on Syrian children, SRD has implemented a component of pediatric health care that includes psychosocial support to address the emotional and social needs of children. The psychosocial support component of the Pediatric Primary Health and Psychosocial Support Centers engages children in peer groups where they interact with one another. Children are also taught to develop coping mechanisms through activities that promote psychological well-being and support. Family events and celebrations filled with traditional food, skits, games and fun activities are also part of the centers’ work.

Pediatric Health Care

Children’s physical health needs in Syria vary greatly. Many of the children our doctors see have been injured during bombardment. Many have been affected by poor water and sanitation, inadequate access to food and poor air quality-induced asthmatic conditions. In recent years, chemical attacks have also created health issues for surviving children.

SRD’s health care facilities throughout Syria address these needs for comprehensive child health care and also promote the prevention of communicable diseases. The health facilities include Regional Hospitals, Pediatric Primary Health and Psychosocial Support Centers, Primary and Reproductive Health Polyclinics, and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinics.

Shelter and Protection

Established in 2015, SRD’s Shelter and Protection program provides shelter rehabilitation and protection services to Syrian families. Children receive more secure housing and winter items including clothing for their growing bodies. The protection component of the program educates communities about child protection.

Food Care

Food continues to be a challenge for many Syrian families who have lost their livelihoods or have been displaced as a result of the conflict. Our food care projects provide food baskets to families in need. We also host Ramadan iftars (dinners) for families and distribute dates and water to people who are opening their day-long fasts.

Scroll through photos of one of our children’s events in Jordan — Food & Fun for Syrian Orphans:

Food & Fun for Syrian Orphans


While SRD doesn’t provide Syrian children with formal education (though we are venturing into that for college students), our Jordan staff held a Summer Camp for Refugee Children last year which was a huge hit with the children and their families. Children engaged in arts and crafts, English and Arabic language studies, and took field trips to local museums. We would like to continue pushing toward making advancements in education for Syria’s children.

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