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Access to safe, adequate shelter is a basic human right. The United Nations considers shelter to be a vital survival mechanism during times of crisis or displacement. For some, shelter comes in the form of a home or an apartment, for others it comes in the form of tents and plastic sheeting in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp, and for some others, it comes in the form of park benches, earth, grass or rubble.

Living amid the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, Syrians have felt the strong impact of the necessity for shelter. Many homes, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure have been damaged or completely destroyed, leaving families vulnerable and without shelter. Millions of Syrians have become internally displaced in the country, either from losing their own homes amid bombardment or having to flee their homes for safety. Many homes that are still standing have significant damage, enough to render them unsafe for living.

How We Help

ShelterIn the winter of 2015, we implemented a Shelter, Non-Food Items (NFIs) and Protection program that provided shelter repair and rehabilitation to 463 households. The project carried out the following activities:

  • Converted dirt floors to concrete or cement
  • Performed plumbing repairs to restore damaged latrines
  • Installed electrical wiring and solar panels
  • Replaced damaged or destroyed doors
  • Replaced broken windows
  • Repaired damaged or destroyed walls
  • Repaired or replaced damaged ceilings


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