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Syrian women have been severely affected by the country’s conflict. More than 75% of Syrian refugees are women and children. Many more Syrian households are now led by women than ever before. In Lebanon and other countries, Syrian refugee women are seeking gainful employment to support their families and a large percentage are reporting cases of sexual harassment and human rights violations including enslavement, child marriage, sexual assault rape (including many instances of gang rape) and more.

How We Help

WomanReproductive Health Services

Our reproductive health services for women don’t just include check-ups and maternity care but also have a strong family planning component that provides health education and services, including contraceptives, to women. The family planning component of the program makes available pamphlets and brochures on proper reproductive care. These services are part of our Primary and Reproductive Health Polyclinics that also include primary, prenatal, natal and postnatal health care for women to ensure they receive proper maternity and newborn care.

Shelter and Protection

Through our Winter Shelter and Protection program, women-led households are at the forefront of receiving home repairs and improvements that will reinforce their homes and shelters as well as protect them from Winter’s brutal cold. As part of the program, we also educate communities about women’s rights and encourage greater participation and engagement for community women.

Syrian woman with childrenHealth, Food and Beyond

Our Regional Hospitals and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers provide additional comprehensive health care for men, women and children alike. Our food baskets, Ramadan iftars, Udhiyah Qurbani meat distributions and non-food items aid distributions help Syrian women get the care they need to help nourish their bodies as well as their minds.

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