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Abu Hassan’s Earthquake Survival Story

Even as homeless refugees, they find themselves once again displaced!

Uncle Abu Hassan, from the village of Al-Lataminah in Hama countryside, lives with his family (wife and two children) in Orient camp Batmeh in the countryside of Idlib, after he lost two of his sons in 2015 in the countryside of Aleppo.


The area Abu Hassan lives in has been berated with rainstorms in the past few days which has severely impacted the conditions of the residents of the displacement camps.  Their struggles increased after several tents in those camps sank, forcing them to flee even from in the midst of their displacement.


Abu Hassan’s tent was flooded with sewage water in the camp, which forced him, like many camp residents, to search for an alternative shelter for him and his family.


In addition to these difficulties, Abu Hassan suffers from acute and chronic asthma which has left him unable to move or work for years. He is also forced to take many medications he can’t afford for treatment, which are often unavailable and expensive.


He struggles to afford even the basic living expenses for his family, who depend on the relief baskets that are provided to them from time to time. Abu Hassan’s story isn’t unusual – support these families through our Ramadan Food Basket campaign today.